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Our Journey at Scilly Cay

Located in the bay of Island Harbour, off the eastern coast of Anguilla, Gorgeous Scilly Cay is tucked away and offers a serene haven for travelers. Our private island was crafted as a haven for individuals seeking an exceptional experience, rather than merely a place to visit.

In February 1985, Eudoxie, Sandra, and their 10-month-old son, Alexander, traded the hustle and bustle of Atlanta for the laidback shores of Anguilla, Eudoxie’s hometown. A year later, their family expanded with the arrival of Brandon. United by a shared dream, Eudoxie and Sandra envisioned transforming Scilly Cay into a retreat that embraced the natural beauty of Anguilla, inviting everyone to unwind and relish in uncomplicated, delightful moments. Their motto was clear – ‘Simply the best!’ Through unwavering dedication, Eudoxie’s dream transformed into a tangible reality.

Scilly Cay has been a popular hideaway for travelers to Anguilla for over 38 years, drawing people from all walks of life. The Wallace family was a true family business, and each member worked assiduously to build a company they could be proud of. Eudoxie controlled the bar, Sandra efficiently tended to the grill, and even Brandon and Alexander kept a close eye on the ferry and kitchen operations.

They’ve encountered difficulties along the way to success, especially while dealing with the persistent power of multiple hurricanes. Hurricane Irma was one of them; it devastated Anguilla and severely damaged Scilly Cay, which is still undergoing reconstruction.

In the aftermath of the Category 5 hurricane, the Wallace family faced another blow with the passing of Eudoxie Wallace, the pillar and guiding light of the family. Despite grappling with profound grief, the family, along with support from the local and global community, initiated the resilient journey to rebuild Scilly Cay to its present state.

Today, the island stands not just as a physical reconstruction but as a living testament to the fortitude of a family and the enduring legacy they bequeath to the people of Anguilla.

Our Team

Within the heart of Gorgeous Scilly Cay, a team of vibrant and dedicated young individuals takes center stage, infusing their passion into every aspect of your experience. Committed to excellence, our team orchestrates a symphony of service, ensuring your journey at Scilly Cay is nothing short of top-notch. From the warmth of their smiles to the meticulous care in every detail, these enthusiastic individuals are the architects of unforgettable moments, shaping a visit to Scilly Cay into an extraordinary and cherished memory.